Thursday, November 27, 2008


It is Thanksgiving Day and I have soooooo many things to be thankful for - but today has been upsetting for me. too. It is the first Thanksgiving that I'm not running around trying to make it to all the different family gatherings...because I am only going to my side of the family. I took Max to the Toy's this morning so that he could have Thanksgiving lunch with Gil's family.

Everytime I see Gil my heart breaks...breaks for the man he could potentially be. Several years ago Gil had the world in his hands. He has had several wonderful jobs, he has an amazing family, a beautiful home, a wonderful personality, a wife, a sweet son...and he let it all go because of his addiction. Today when I saw him I was just so upset. He talked about how awful his job is (night shift at Purdue), he is exhausted, no money, and alone. It makes me so sad that drugs had such an overwhelming effect on him - it ruined his life literally. He has no home, no family, no money - I know he is hurting so much. I can't believe the reality of things on this Thanksgiving Day.

I just want to run to all the high school kids, shake them, and tell them they HAVE to stay away from drugs...or any other type of addiction that could steal away everything that God has in store for them!! It goes downhill so only takes one time, and suddenly your life is halted. I want people to know that once you become addicted, nothing else matters. You will put anything and everything aside to feed that addiction. You won't care who you hurt or what is broken in the process. You become a totally different person and everyone around you begs for you to stop...but you are too far gone by then.

This Thanksgiving my heart is so thoughts are so nagging -but I am so blessed by my Father and I'm not forgetting that. He has surrounded me with family, friends, and best of all, Maxwell Carter. Without them - I have no idea where I would be and how I could deal with this broken relationship. I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving Day - love you!!

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sarah said...

Abbie~Your such an amazing person. Even though you were hurt, you didn't stop caring about Gil. Reading your blog, I had tears running down my face. To many people are addicted to things and don't realize what they have in thier lives until its to late. I only wish the best for you, Max and also Gil. Miss ya bunches babe!