Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break...

What a cozy day:) I'm sitting here blogging, snuggled under the blankets, eating chili and watching the Colts game. Me and Max are thinking about a nap in a few doesn't get much better than this:)
My family has spent most of the break helping out my brother while he builds his new house...ok, I haven't helped much - but the "men" in my family have:) I'm just the photographer - ha ha!! Here are a few pictures of Cole's new house going up!
Here is my brother in front of the house he's building:)!
Putting on the tin for the roof...

Both my brothers working on the roof... Me and Max watching the progress (but Max doesn't want to smile for the camera)!!I'm sooo happy for Cole because he has been waiting to move out on his own for awhile now...and he can now see the light at the end of the tunnel:)!!

Last night me, Mom, Max, Clay, and Gabe went to the North Daviess game to watch Logan play - they won by lots and Logan did an awesome job - I'm super proud of him too!! Anyway, on the way home, Max had Mom and I in tears (literally) from laughing so hard because he was singing every word to several Taylor Swift songs. He kept saying "T. Swift, baby! Hit track!" Then he knew every word!! It was sooo cute! After the last song he goes "Man, I love that song!" it was so funny - he makes my life worth living!!

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