Monday, February 9, 2009

An eventful weekend!

Bowling is something I rarely do - but I had a blast this past weekend bowling with my family! I thought Max would love it - so I gathered the troops and out we went:) We began our Friday evening with eating at the Mexican restuarant in Linton, and then we headed to the bowling alley so I could kick everyone's butt (ok, so we all know that I'm kidding...)
Max was interested for about 10 min., then decided the video games were more exciting than continuous gutter balls:) While my dad followed Max around keeping an eye on him - we had a very competetive game going on...which ended in a very low score:
As you can see, EVERYONE beat my mom...she blamed it on her hiatus from bowling (that she claims lasted years)...but we all know the truth:) Here are her and my dad before we started!
Me and Max were totally digging our bowling shoes - cute, huh? I love bowling shoes...wish we didn't have to give them back at the end of the night:(!!

And I thought it was adorable how Max and his Uncle Clay sat on the floor and watched everyone else bowl (I think they were trying to steal my moves:)!!By the way - I heard something that put a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart on Sunday. I was in a parenting class that I am going to before church every Sunday (I LOVE the class), and the guy who leads the class said this:

What can you do to make God love you more? NOTHING

What can you do to make God love you less? NOTHING

The fact that God loves us has nothing to do with the things we do or don't do. He just loves us. He created us to love us. And just because we sin (which we all do) He does not love us less. There are alot of Christians out there that make you believe you have to be "perfect" for God to love you. They try to make you think that if you don't live the same life and make the same decisions that they do - you just aren't good enough for God.

But guess what? GOD LOVES TO LOVE ON YOU. Don't let Satan tell you any different. Yes, of course we want to please God and try to avoid sinning. We want to repent when we do sin, and ask God for forgiveness. But He is NOT gonna give up on you. That's why He is called GOD...he loves when no one else could or would.

Ok - so I will stop rambling, those are just my thoughts, my opinions...Hope everyone has a wonderful week full of God's blessings!

P.S. Just had to add this on - yesterday on the way home from the babysitters, we were listening to the radio and the news came on. They said something about Barack Obama and Max yells "Mom, Barack Obama (he can say his name PERFECTLY) - he is our favorite president!" How adorable is that - Max already knows who our president is. What a smarty-pants:)!!

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Greta said...

We've come to love bowling in the Otto house. In the month of December they had a special on Monday nights and we hit it up at least twice and then the church went on New Year's Eve so that made for 3 bowling outings in one month!! The girls both got into it. Abby actually chose to host her birthday party at the bowling alley this weekend!