Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Knepp family

I know that most of you are already praying...but I just wanted to reach anyone that hasn't heard and ask you to pray for Chelsa, Ryan, & B Knepp. They have lost their sweet baby boy at 34 wks. and Chelsa is still struggling in the hospital. They are going thru something that NO ONE deserves, something that none of us claim to understand...but we just need to give it all up to God. I truely believe that is one of the best and only things we can do for them right now. Chelsa is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and gentle women I have ever met - and I won't even begin to describe the type of mother I think she is, because words wouldn't be good enough:)

Just PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for this sweet little family...

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