Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flashback FRIDAY!!

I've seen this idea on several blogs, and loved the idea of doing a "Flashback Friday!" First off, I LOVE looking at old pictures, making fun of all my old fashion and hair choices, and seeing how much people change! I have album after album of old pictures, boxes and boxes of random shots...but it's not my fault:) I know where I get it - my mom has more pictures then I could ever look at, she keeps pictures like it's no one's business! Ha ha, love ya, Mom:) And I'm glad you instilled the importance of picture taking/documenting/organizing in me!

Here is an old shot I found from Halloween 1988:

This is me, both of my brothers, and my cousin Chasity. I am just gonna be honest and say I have no clue what me and Chas were trying to dress up as...some sort of punk/rock stars or something. Let's just chalk this up as scary!! Ha ha - and to think I thought I looked "so rad" on this night! Goes to show just how fast time flies, and style changes:)

So....I'm dying to know: what was your most random, crazy, silly, or weird Halloween costume when you were a kid??? I can't wait to hear all your stories - but I'm not sure they can top my rock star look:)!! (ya don't get much weirder than that!!)

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Abby said...

oh Abbie.. I have a great one.. let's just say it consists of a pair of panny hose on my head... the pics at my moms, but i'll have to get it to post..:) haha