Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We had such a great Easter...an inspiring sermon at church, so many family gatherings, amazing food, lots of rest - I just could not have asked for more. I have gotten my camera out again (during the winter months I'm so uninspired to break out my camera:)!! Got some great shots this weekend and it just makes me soooo excited for the warm weather. Warm weather = sunlight = amazing photos!

Max was real excited about the pictures, as you can see:)

My heart is soooo full these days...almost overflowing and I am rejoicing in this time of happiness. I know these times come and go (so I'm not taking a moment for granted), but God is so good and he ALWAYS takes care of us. Even in the darkest days.

Just wanted to share some of the pictures I took this weekend - hope you also had a great
Easter! Last night Max got a little carried away with all the Easter candy he recieved - ended up puking right before bedtime. Ohhhhh, the joys of childhood:) ha ha!
Larry, Gina, Janae, and Logan

The Raber family
Poss, Aunt Bea, and Cody
The whole gang on a 4-wheeler ride!
Gabe's cousin, Hannah, riding a pony named Babe

Janae helping Max find Easter eggs during the hunt!

Gabe's cousin's little boy, Jason - isn't he so cute?

My cousin Chas's sweet little man, Nick!

Lots of love, Abbie


April Stilwell said...

Great pictures Abbie! My little Ninny experience the same thing as Max! She woke up on the night of our Easter Egg Hunt and threw up too. It was obvious the little thing had too much chocolate!! I usually let the kids get their fill of candy on the holiday and then stash it or throw it all away...more because I'll eat it. And I have to say.... I was drinking Pepto all night!! :)

Sandy said...

Aw cute pictures! The first one of Max by himself - ADORABLE! Those eyes! Looks like you and your family had a great Easter (aside from the late night puking...poor thing). Hopefully we have many awesome spring/summer days ahead of us!

Ashley said...

Love the photos...especially the first and second one! And I totally agree with you on the warm weather. I think it might be here for good:) Woo hoo!! So happy to hear you had a GREAT Easter and that you are full of happiness. You deserve it and take each moment as it comes!!

Chelsa said...

glad you had a great easter! we are loving this warm weather too!

Tera said...

Awww...such a wonderful day with family! Love the 1st two pics. I can't believe how big Nick is getting!