Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Life: Under Construction

So lately I've felt like my whole life is under construction!

But one thing is under construction officially now - and that is our new home:)

It's taken so many months to get the deed for land, surveys completed, plans created, and money from the bank...but the time is finally here to begin building! I'm so very's a crazy feeling to watch each step...we visit our "spot" nightly. Yesterday they dug the footer and put down gravel for the crawl space. Today they are pouring concrete into the footers. My head
just spins when I think about how different my life will be in just a few short months.
My mom and dad have been lifesavers for Max and I. I have no clue what I would have done
without them - from the moment I stumbled out of my Washington house dumbfounded and scared, they took me in. They adjusted to a little boy being in the house all over again. They never asked for anything - only asked how they could help. I will never regret one single day I spent in my mom and dad's home...each day brought me more blessings and a stronger bond with them than ever before. With my mom. With my dad. With my brothers. With Max. I really cherish the time I've been there. But there are a few things that I'm looking forward to:
  • Having a closet (at this time Max and I have our clothes stacked along the perimeter of our room!)

  • Whirlpool tub (my personal favorite)

  • A t.v. (I NEVER, and I mean, NEVER get to watch my own shows because there is only 1 t.v. at mom and dad' it is either on cartoons, sports center, or American Idol).

  • Max having his own room...better yet - his own BED!!

  • Getting to decorate each room according to Gabe and I's style:)

  • No animals in the house bothering the heck out of me
  • An office where I can sit at a desk, close the door, and work on my Master's homework (only 5 more months!!)

  • Etc. (I could go on and on...)

Here is a picture of the progress so far...only the beginning stages - but that doesn't lessen the excitement:) Also...because I'm sure some of you are missing pics of my little man - here is one for you!

The first picturing is Max gardening, the second is my Uncle Jeff checking out our space, and the third is something Gabe did without me and Max knowing - little things like this are the reason this man has stolen my heart...

No, I have not forgotten about the whole voting on wedding stuff posts. I promise there is more on that to come! guessed it, I'm kinda busy at the moment:)!


Tera said...

Oh, it is soo exciting, isn't it!!?? I was praying the weather would cooperate! Why am I not surprised that you're excited about the new tub?!! ;) You are very blessed to have such a loving family!! I'm sure your parents will miss you and Max...but at least it will be a quick trip over to your new house!

kathykellen said...

what a beautiful tribute to your parents and family in what you wrote!!
I loved seeing what you are really looking forward to and am so very excited for you with the house being under construction now!
It is amazing and wonderful how life is unfolding for you, Max and Gabe...blessings from God!

Chelsa said...

i already msgd you about how excited i am for you, but in case you were wondering again- I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! :)

and max looks like he has grown a mile!

Ashley said...

I am excited that you can finally start building your home!!! The next months are going to be BUSY...not saying that you aren't already. haha. But keep cherishing those moments of having no t.v, tub, a seperate bed for Max:( because that day to move will be here before you know it. Oh, and thanks for posting a pic. of has been too long;)