Monday, May 16, 2011

Baseball season

Max's baseball season is in full swing - we usually have 2 -3 games each week and I somehow got roped into keeping the book! It's been busy, but an easy-going type of busy which I love. Most of my evenings as a child were spent at the ball park in Odon, and getting back into that routine has been relaxing. Here are a few photos of my little man playing ball:
My "little" cousin Jessica had a sweet baby girl last week, her name is Dailee Jo Echavarria. We love her so much already and I just think she is the most precious little thing! We visited her in the hospital, but Max didn't get to meet her until yesterday, when we took them supper. He was so very excited and couldn't wait to hold her - I think he was practicing for his baby sister who is due in just 3 short months! I think baby Swartzentruber and Dailee Jo will be the best of friends and I can't wait to watch them grow up together!
Yesterday morning my cousin Chas's little man had his first communion, so we went to church with them and helped the family celebrate afterwards with lunch & cake:) He is such a big boy and growing up too fast...what a sweetheart! We just found out that Chas is expecting - so this already large family will be growing even larger!! We are very excited!

Later this week Max has his Odon Christian Church Preschool graduation - so be sure to check back later in the week for lots of pictures in his cap and gown:)


kathykellen said...

love your updates!! love to you! i miss you!!

Shannon said...

HI Abbie! Hope you are feeling good! Bet summer being around the corner helps a bit :) Congrats to Chasity and Shane... how exciting!

Chelsa said...

I love baseball at this age (before anyone (parents) get mean spirited!). Glad you're having fun at the ball park too! Hopefully, that means you are feeling much better! Max looks so cute in his baseball uniform :)

Chas is expecting?! How fun! I'm so happy for her!

Tera said...

Ok, first, Max is so stinkin cute! Love his smile! Congrats to Jess and Nick! Love that she already has a bow in her hair! I'm sure your princess and Dailee will be BFFs!! I'm so excited for Chas too!

sarah said...

How cute Max is in his basball uniform :)
Congrats to Jessica and Nick, and Congrats to Chas and her husband! I would say your family is growing!! Hope all is going good, and your feeling lots better. Miss ya bunches!!