Monday, December 26, 2011

School Christmas party!

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Max at school and help with his kindergarten Christmas party! I loved getting to see him in the classroom environment, interacting with the other kids...when I got there they were playing a Christmas themed charades game - so cute!! 
Then it was time for presents - poor Mrs. Wagler had been driven CRAZY about the presents all day long by the whole class!! Max was super excited to receive a remote control motorcycle...

After presents the kids ate their snacks, and before we knew it - it was time to head home! 

Max absolutely LOVES school, his teacher, and all his classmates! I'm so proud of how well he has done this year...and now it's time for Christmas break! 

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Chelsa said...

glad you got to help w/ Max's party! I love helping w/ B's class parties and watching him interact in his class room environment!