Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We are back into our routine now that Christmas break has ended- but I hope that doesn't mean I get too caught up with the day-to-day and forget the joy I felt during this Christmas season.  Today in my devotional I was reminded that just because the holiday is over...the joy about the birth of baby Jesus should never diminish. This verse reminds me that it is in our everyday life when we connect with our Savior, not just at Christmas!

God takes us to the mountaintop where he shows us great miracles and wonders, but he doesn’t leave us there. It is in the fields and among the flocks that our faith grows, nurtured in the soil of the day-to-day, the mundane. This is where we die to Christ, allowing his life to blossom within us (Galatians 2:20).

Here is one photo I found from our holiday celebrations that I wanted to include in my blog- this is me and Callie with my Grandpa Beasley!

 Last weekend we went to the ND vs. Loogootee game to watch Uncle Clay coach. Jessica and Lauren made matching outfits for Callie and Dailee- complete with orange and black tutus! So cute!!

Today Callie turned 5 months old and rolled over for the 1st time!! It happened at Trinia's - and she said it scared Callie! She was on her back, and after she rolled to her belly she puckered up and started to cry! Poor baby...it scared her! Hopefully we will get to see her do it soon!


Sonya said...

AWW! The cheer outfits are adorable:)

Chelsa said...

their outfits are so cute!
callie is getting so big!