Monday, July 30, 2012

When life gets hard...

I heard about a tragedy today so close to home...and I've been heavy-hearted all day long. The only logical thing I can think to do is pray for those involved who lost someone they loved so dearly. Days like these remind us to hold our family not get mad or angry at the little surrender to God because it is not in our control, but in our Father's - whose hands are so much more capable. 

So I will keep going, step by step. Keep praying. Let this little man make me smile like only he can. 

And watch my hubby kiss my sweet baby's cheeks for the short time that she is still so little. 

I am reading "Kisses for Katie" by Katie Davis right now - almost finished and it has been very, very eye-opening. I marked this page last night because I thought it was so well-written -then when I heard what happened today, it fit so perfectly. She writes: 
"The brokenness of this world does not become any less sad. Each and every time, it is overwhelmingly devastating that people have to live, and die, like this...While it does not get easier, I have found that I am able to face each situation with a little more hope. I always hope my friends will live here on earth with me, but I tell them with a new sense of urgency about Jesus because mostly I want them to live with Him, experience His profound, unconditional love, whether here or in heaven.  I see the sadness, but I also see the redemption."


Kathy Kellen said...

Reading your post makes me want to read the book that you mentioned! Love to you and your precious family, Abbie!! <3

Brittany Janae said...

I love that quote!! It's so easy to forget that God's plans are much bigger than our own and that He always has a purpose..I always need reminders!
Your kiddos are too cute:)