Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer List 2012

Just like last summer, we decided to make a "Summer To-Do List!" At the beginning of our summer break from school, I sit down with Max and we create a list of things we would like to do throughout the summer. Some of the activities are very small, while others are bigger or more time consuming. I try to mix it up with both. I really love doing this with Max...I think it makes me more intentional with my time with my kids and gives Max lots to look forward to:)! We still have a few things we didn't get to mark off the list, but we might leave it up for awhile and try to finish it out. Here is our list this year - 

Last night we decided to mark something else off our list - we had a living room sleepover:) It ended up being just Max and I...Gabe was being a party-pooper and just wanted to sleep in his bed, and Callie is pretty attached to her crib:) So Max and I ordered pizza, watched a movie, snacked on popcorn, made a big bed on the floor, and slept like babies all night:) It was a really fun activity to do before heading back to real life - work and school. Max was super excited to get up this morning and put a check mark by "living room sleepover." He is like me in that way -we like to make lists and be able to mark things off.  

Here are some photos we took from our sleepover - me and my little man:)

I go back to work this week - so let the craziness begin!


Brittany Janae said...

Love that idea- you're such a fun mom:)!!

Kathy Kellen said...

LOVE it Abbie!!!
How special for you and Max!!
Hugs to all!!

Ashley said...

The little things that count:) I seen bowling on the list...I haven't done that in YEARS!!!

Tera said...

Love the list. I remember when you guys had to miss the zoo with your family. :( It looks like you had a fun-packed summer!