Thursday, August 23, 2012

Callie's 1st Birthday

My little one has gone from this...
To this...
It just doesn't seem possible. I know I have said this before, but Callie has really just brought this completeness to our lives. When she was born, my heart almost burst with joy and I thought to myself - this is my family. 

Callie is completely and totally her OWN person. She is nothing like her brother - her personality is much more firey & spunky! She is fiercely stubborn and pushes the limits...we have our hands full:)  She is so much fun and we just can't get enough of her...she hands out kisses willingly! Did I mention that she is completely and totally a daddy's girl? When daddy is around, she wants nothing to do with me, or anyone else for that matter. It might have something to do with her getting anything and everything she wants when she is with him;) She loves the outdoors, just like her daddy, and once Gabe is home from work I usually don't see the two of them until bedtime. 

The day after her 1st birthday, we had a big party at the Loogootee swimming pool for her. The theme was "Our Little Miss Sunshine Is One!" I had so much fun ordering all kinds of yellow decorations and searching on Pinterest for ideas! Here is a photo of her invitation: 

Here are some of the decorations at the party: 

The guys grilled (thanks, honey!!) and we all ate, talked, swam, and just enjoyed celebrating Ms. Callie Catherine!

Then it was time to dig into the cake...she was so excited and kept laughing like "you guys are really gonna let me do this????" So cute!!

Callie fell asleep on the way home...we were all completely worn out - and happy as can be:)!!


Tera said...

Everything was super adorable!! She is so stinkin cute and I think she looks a lot like Elisha! She is such a perfect blessing for your family!

Sarah Swartzentruber said...

The party looked adorable in the pictures! What a cute little girl you have:)