Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of 1st Grade

Maxwell Carter started school - he is in the 1st grade at North Daviess! He really, really enjoys school and jumps out of bed in the mornings to get ready. His teacher's name is Mrs. Ashby and several of his friends are also in his class! He is a great reader and now has homework to work on each night.  

He still goes to school each morning with Uncle Clay...Max really looks up to Clay, and wants to be a teacher one day just like his uncle. 

Last year at the beginning of kindergarten I did a short "interview" with Max, so I kept the same questions this year (and added a few) and plan to compare his answers thru the years! 

Max's favorites at the start of Kindergarten:

Color: Orange

Favorite school lunch: Pizza

Sport: Basketball

Toy: Legos

TV show: Power Rangers

Sports Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Insect: Ant

Books: Bearenstein Bears

Past time/Hobbies: Play basketball and baseball

Best friend: Landon Knepp

Quote: "You just got served!"

Dream Car: Lamborghini

Future Occupation: Professional basketball player like Micheal Jordan

Least favorite thing to do: Go to the dentist or eat vegetables


Sarah Swartzentruber said...

Sweet Max!! Hard to believe how much he has grown up:) Such a cutie!!

Ashley said...

I like how you started your little interview and tend to do it each year! The eating vegetables to his least favorite things to do made me laugh;)

Tera said...

He is such a cutie! I am not surprised in the least that he's a good reader and I also knew his favorite books would be Berenstein Bears! :) He is so lucky to have his Uncle Clay with him everyday!
I do interviews like this with my girls every year on January 1st! :) It's our New Year's tradition-- and almost every year at least one of them is sick so they are answering on video with a snotty nose or cough! haha!