Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 I can't even believe that tomorrow is December 1st! November flew by for us...with work, school, Max's birthday and party, Thanksgiving with our extended families, decorating for the holidays, ballgames, etc. It was a great month, but just went by so fast! I'm lovin' my house all Christmasy though:)!

Here is Maxwell enjoying the fake mustaches that his cousin Nick got him for his birthday:) Is this a glance into the future?

We had a "date night" one evening and went to watch Uncle Clay coach the JV Cougars. This little guy will always be my main man:)

Then it was time for some Mama and Callie time - so we went shopping, of course! 

This is how I found Callie one day...digging through my books. I wonder if she will love to read as much as Max and I do...

We have gotten into the habit of eating Oreos and milk every night before bed...hence the extra pounds I've gained recently!! Ha ha....

Here we are on Thanksgiving - enjoying every moment together! It is always fun to get all the Beasley babies together and try to get one good photo of you know how hard it is to get 4 little girls looking at the camera, sitting still, and not crying! Here are a few photos we managed to snap!

This is Gracie, my cousin Chasity's little girl...could she get any cuter??? Oh my goodness, I could just squeeze her:)

I was filling out my December calendar earlier and had to take a deep is insane and I'm excited for our Christmas season to unfold:) 


Ashley said...

Your house looks so cute and cozy! I LOVE having all my Christmas stuff up too! Nothing like sitting by the fireplace with the tree lights on.

Tera said...

Your house looks beautiful decorated for Christmas! I see you have Kisses from Katie in your stash...I still haven't read it because I am sure I would be a ball of tears the entire time! Your babies are growing up!!