Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peace & Contentment

My own little Santa Claus...

Here in this Christmas season, I feel a cloak of peace around me.
 I believe everyone goes through different stages of life - we pass through times that seem hopeless, when joy is no where to be found. We suffer through pain, both physical and emtional. We feel alone...and God feels so far away.
Other times we can see promise in each day - love overflows from our hearts and we feel strong and invinsible. We feel God beside us in every situation and each single moment.
I feel like I'm finally crawling out of a stage in life where I just felt stuck. I wasn't going anywhere with my relationship with my health kept me from doing alot of things...and I just felt like an outsider looking in. Like life was moving on around me, but I was standing still. But life is beginning to shine bright again with vibrant color. My Bible beckons from my nightstand and I open it to reveal new truths I have long left unread.
Max is asking all kinds of questions (that is just what he does:) about Christmas and baby Jesus and Bethlehem. Callie is playing with her Little People Nativity set while "Away In a Manger" plays softly and she gives baby Jesus gentle kisses. Peace just surrounds our home in this moment. And I remember that I don't have to be stuck...because I am so very blessed.
I read posts from other blogs (check out this inspiring post about Christmas from Jami at The Nato's) and I long to give more than I recieve this Christmas. I ponder what it was like for Mary that night in the stable, and I give thanks for all I have. At church last weekend, Richard said this:

Know Jesus. Know Peace.
No Jesus. No Peace.

And I might be the last person on earth to hear/see this...but it hit home for me. The difference the spelling of one little word makes. This Christmas we can all have don't have to be stuck or sad or alone. We find peace in Jesus alone.

So while you wrap the gifts and make the treats and decorate the tree - may you find that peace you so long for during this Christmas season.

We have had one Christmas family gathering already...let's just say that Callie was not into sitting on the big guy's lap:) Here she is trying to get away from Santa:) 

Max did much better with Santa:)
Gracie Mae enjoying a candy cane from Santa!

Max also had his Christmas program at school, where he was a gingerbread eating bug?? Don't ask:) Ha ha!!
Tomorrow night Max will be playing basketball during the halftime of the JV game at ND - hopefully I won't embarrass him too much getting lots of pictures and video...o well, I guess that's what moms are good for! 
Time for me to get some rest - hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Tera said...

So glad you are feeling His peace! I understand where you are coming from and when I feel contentment, I do feel so much closer to Him. Why do we worry so much when He has everything under control?! :) Love you!!
(BTW- I just saw Max's bday post yest!)

Ashley said...

Worded so well! The bible ALWAYS gives me more peace. No matter what I read it gives me comfort. No one ever said life would be easy.