Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let the craziness begin...

Max moved up to the minor league in baseball this year - that means serious business, people;) Ok - for me, it's still just little boys playing baseball. But many of the parents and coaches take it extremely serious and get all kinds of wound up about it. I think I will just sit in my little chair, share snacks with Callie, and we will cheer our hearts out for "Bubby!" Saturday was opening day - so we started out with a parade in Odon (where Gabe drove the team in his big orange truck), had opening ceremonies, and then played one game. It was freezing and kinda miserable for the fans - but Max had lots of fun!! He seems to enjoy all sports and just loves being around his buddies. I think Callie was crying before the first pitch, and kept saying she wanted to go home:) It's gonna be a LONG season for her!

 Nate is in the Pee-Wee league, so we also got to watch him play. He was cracking me up completely - he was the catcher and had a mask on, but kept pulling the gum out of his mouth and thru the front of the mask - playing with it:) I thought it was funny...Cole- not so much:)!
That afternoon I got to take pictures of my sweetie, Cassie Janae - getting ready to go to her senior prom!! I just can't believe it...she is growing up too fast:( She looked gorgeous (as always) and it sounds like she ended up having a great time! Yay for Nae-Nae!!
 Gabe has still been working hard on his carving business...he has branched out into making flower beds out of the logs - people have been planting flowers in them and putting them in their landscaping. Speaking of landscaping - he has also worked like a wild man to start landscaping around our house. The first 2 years at our new home we have just kept things plain and simple...but Gabe has started doing some major work and has lots of stuff planted, mulch down, and is even starting a waterfall. He is so funny - outdoors all the time for this guy!!!!
Well, tonight is Max's 1st official game (besides opening day) and Callie and I will feel much better sitting out in this 82 degree weather:) Hope everyone has an amazing day!


Mandi Knepp said...

Abbie.. I just love your little plot of land. (I am hoping and praying for this one day.) But your little family is just so fun to watch. Loved seeing you last week, sure wish we ran into each other more! Keep up the good work with those babies.

Tera said...

Your hubby is pretty awesome...coaching and landscaping and working hard. :) Can't wait to see your landscaping all one!