Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I came across this today and it hit me square in the gut:

"I felt torn between loving my children and feeling inadequate and frustrated most days.

One day, I sat down in total defeat, a sense of darkness hovering over my soul, and wondering what I was doing wrong, I opened my Bible and read…

“Children are a blessing from God, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

Slowly over the next days, as this verse began to capture my imagination, I began to ask God to show me my children from his eyes and to help me to know just how I was supposed to mother them."

-Sally Clarkson (you can find the rest of the article here).

There are TOO many days that I am frustrated because everything on my to-do list doesn't get marked off. I am short-tempered with my children and I am selfish with my time.
Starting today I want to spend my time more intentionally...I want to forget about the to-do list and play with my kiddos. I want to listen to them laugh and mentally record it as a memory. I want to read the Bible WITH them and pray about HOW to mother them. So often I just get caught up with life - and forget about living.
This was just such an amazing reminder for me:)


Whitney said...

This is something all parents need to read! Thanks for the reminder!

Ashley said...

Everything has become so fast paced and busied! Enjoy those moments with your kids because they grow up way too fast! We all need reminders!