Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is in the air...

Hi everybody - hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit!! I know we are around here - last weekend we had our first family Christmas gathering...Santa even showed up:) Things have been going good here, I'm just super busy at work (tomorrow I am covering a second grade class - pray for me:)!!
Max had another ear apt. with Dr. Moss in Jasper - and they have decided that he needs a second surgery to put tubes in, because recently the Dr. and I have both noticed significant hearing loss. Max is constantly asking me "What, mom?" and sometimes he has to ask 2 or 3 times in order to understand what I'm saying. Also, if I'm upstairs and yell for him, he never hears me. It is soooo scary to me to think he might have to deal with hearing loss for the rest of his life - I just want to do EVERYTHING I can to take care of this sweet boy...I never want to let him down!
Here are some pictures from the last couple of days...
Max getting into the Christmas spirit and helping decorate Nana and Papa's house!

Max sitting on Santa's lap during the Christmas party - he was terrified, even though Santa was just Nick E.:) Max caught on pretty quick!
Max and his sweet cousin, Nick Coy...they are two of a kind!!
My grandma Grace and my brother Clayton Lee...

Me and Max at the Christmas party - Max has the craziest look on his face!
Max and Nick - Max's present from Santa was an Iron Man mask! Just what he wanted!!

Me with my cousins Chasity and Lauren, Jess had to leave early:(!

Max eating his cookie after decorating it - at Chas's annual Cookie Decorating Party!!
All the kids after decorating cookies: Nick, Max, Hannah, Katie, Emily, Molly, and Maddie!

Well, that's enough for tonight - time to snuggle into bed with my little man...Goodnight!


Laura Raber said...

You look gorgeous girl! Merry Christmas Abby!

Jamie said...

Jacob told Santa he wanted an iron man mask! That is so funny! I think my mom got him one...my aunt Sue discovered some "bible guys" at the family christian store...they r mean guys, but are biblical (???) I guess that's better than some:)

The Jeffers Clan said...

Abbie, Leighton just got his second set of tubes put in a month ago. I can't believe the difference already. Dr. Moss wanted to take out his adnoids too but we decided against it and ended up going to Dr. Earhardt. They said if he needs another set next year then we definitely need to consider the adnoids too...scary:( I haven't noticed any hearing loss from Leighton but the sooner the better. Good luck!
I remember when they were going through this together the first round.