Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disciple of Christ

Lately I have been thinking alot about what it means to be a "disciple" of Christ. This morning we talked about it again at church, and it just seems to be a topic that has come up alot lately in my life. I love to think about what that truely be a follower of Christ, to walk BESIDE him, trust in him, converse with him, obey him. Richard mentioned this morning that when we are a follower of Christ - living for Jesus - he brings order to our lives.
Alot of us have chaotic lives, that just seems to be normal these days. Our generation runs, runs, runs - worries about money, works extremely hard, hurry thru our meals, leave little time to pray - our lives are just chaotic in general. But when we decide to really be lifelong learners of Christ (followers of Christ) he brings order to our lives.

Our chaotic lives that are filled with guilt about the choices we make, unforgivness of people in our lives, going from here to there and not really getting anywhere - that will all be gone. We will just feel peace, because we know that our sole purpose is to follow Jesus. WOW!! That is what I'm working toward everyday - to follow Christ and let him bring order to my life. I guess that is what I meant when I said that the new year felt like a new beginning for Max and I. Things just feel simplified for God is putting my life in order.

I hope everyone has an amazing week...I'll leave you with a few pictures from the last couple of weeks of my little man - come on, give me a break:) I'm just a mom who loves to share pictures of my little guy:)
Max and his best buddy, Jordan Knepp. Cousin Nick and Max at the movie theatre:) Maxwell in the bathtub - what a stinker:)


April Stilwell said...

Love the picture of Max in the tub! I see he's got the plugs in! Where do you get those? Ninna will be having her surgery soon, so I need to invest in a pair for her little ears!!!

Chelsa said...

glad things are going well! max is adorable!

Cami Jeffers said...

ok Abbie I need help I messed up my blog now I cant even sign in so if you or anyone reading this knows how to get the webfetti logo off the top on my sign in part please let me know asap. I CANT BLOG! My email is