Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some RANDOM thoughts and RANDOM pictures...

Haven't posted in awhile - just never felt like I had anything "profound" to say:) Ha ha!! Still don't, but I thought I better blog before everyone thinks I fell off the face of the earth!

We had a really wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve...we are sooooo blessed with family that continue to drown me and Max in love! Even with the fact that Max and I are "on our own," the holiday season was so special for us. I felt like while Max and I rang in the new year - it was a new beginning for us, a fresh start of something wonderful!Max giving me a big hug on Christmas Eve - he has his "spider-gear" on! I live to see him smile like this - New Year's Eve 08/09
"Pulling taffy" on New Year's Eve, that was a brand-new experience, to say the least, but sooooo much fun!

This morning at church we sang a new song, called Everyday. One of the lines that we sang over and over was "I live for You Everyday." Cool song, great message....something to remember:) Live for Him EVERYDAY:)


April Stilwell said...

Happy New Year to you and Max!! He does have such a precious smile!!!!

Alyssa said...

i heard you went to pull taffy!
i love that stuff.. i need to learn how to make it! haha. well, i'm not amish, so i guess that's not a good idea already! it was good hanging out with you yesterday! i love you!

Chelsa said...

glad to see you're still alive- i was beginning to wonder :)