Saturday, January 17, 2009


Do you ever have a little voice in your head that guides you? Maybe I'm completely insane (which is totally possible), but throughout my life at random times I hear a voice. I choose to believe that it is God's voice. Now - do I literally hear something? Not really, it is more like a feeling...a nudging...and most of the time I have no clue why I'm experiencing this. Am I losing you? Ok - time for an example: Tonight I was planning on heading to Wal-Mart after Max left to spend the night with his dad. Well, Gil was late and it ended up being close to 7 p.m. before I could leave for Wal-Mart - I was ready to go, had my shoes on...when I just had this feeling that I shouldn't go. Why? I have no idea - but when I get this feeling I just always try to follow it, I mean, why chance it:)

Anyway - this is just one of many times that I've heard this voice, or had this feeling, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes it tells me to go a certain way home, or to get out my Bible and just read - it's always different. Does anyone else ever experience this - or am I crazy?

For Christmas I got my brother Clay a devotional book - and it was laying here beside me in the living room so I decided to look up "voice of God" in the index. I found it, and the verse that goes with the devotional for that day is this:
He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. Isaiah 50:4

I think this appeals to me because I'm a teacher...just the thought of God getting my attention to "teach" me something, in the same way I try to get the kid's attention at school when I am teaching. And when I'm teaching I want them to really "listen..." And I'm sure God feels the same way, He wants me to stop, listen to His voice, and obey (Just the way I feel with the kids at school). So I am going to make a concerted effort to always obey when He speaks to me...I mean, who really wants to ignore God anyway:)!!

Last night I went to eat at the "new" Iron Kettle with my whole family - the food was great and we had a really good time with each other:) We came home and played Jenga...which Max calls "Jingle Bells." He cracks me up - he kept saying "Mom, you have to be really calm and careful when you play Jingle Bells!" He's only heard that a time or two:)

Tonight before Max left I took a few pictures of him posing like a silly man - I thought he looked so cute in his navy and orange vest!!

This past week we went to ND to watch Uncle Clay coach the freshmen team - and Max had to pose for some pictures in his "Cougar" shirt - hey, we had to support Uncle Clay:)!!


sarah said...

Abbie~ No your not crazy cause if you are then I am. LOL. I always get those feelings and I try to follow them and when I don't then I end up wishing that I did.

Your little guy is so cute! I love all the poses he does (reminds me alot of Austin). Hope all is going good. Miss ya tons.

Jamie said...

Love the pictures of Max. He is such a stud!

April Stilwell said...

Abbie, you are far from crazy!! :)

Max looks so cute. I'm so jealous he wears his vest. I got one for Brice when he was 3 and he HATED it. Not it's big enough for Parker and he cries if it comes near him. Boo. I love vests!!!!

Whitney Dyer said...

You are not crazy at all! Sometimes I hear the voice in my head and sometimes I talk back-which is probably even scarier!!! I think mine is just that little voice trying to make me do the right thing instead of the wrong. Love your blog! Even though we may not know each other that well, I've been praying for you and Max through your rough time! Hope you have a great week!

Lovely Lady said...

I have been asking the same question for so long. I absolutely get the same thing and I follow it as well. Sometimes I may have to drive out of my way, but I usually go where led. :)

Jason Petty said...

I believe that the people that have the most real, honest, and totally dependent relationship with God hear his voice so much more often, because they look first to God for guidance. I can tell from your blog that you are one of these wonderful children of God. Your blog makes me smile :)

Just be careful to test the voice against God's Word, because the devil can use the same devices sometimes! Thanks for reading my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you listening to all God,s telling you? remember he doesn't believe in divorce.

Anonymous said...

No you're not crazy that's the Lord talking to you and good for you for listening. For the comment someone sent you about divorce, divorce isn't the unforgiveable sin that many people around here believe, however make sure your decision to divorce is not selfish and I'm not saying that it is, but from family experience just make sure that you try to make it work if he is willing to try. I'm praying for you cause I know it can't be easy. Your blog is an inspiration.

Armes Family said...

Abby-Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Trina said that Landon and Max were big buddies on Thursday which makes me feel much better. I didn't get to talk to Max when I dropped the boys off thursday....he was peeking around the corner when we walked in so I thought he must be a little shy. Landon came home with a little black eye....Trina said the boys were playing puppies and bumped heads!! So far Trina is working out great!! I love her and Landon seems to really be falling in love with her also! As for Grant....he has not clue what's going on yet!!! Have a good weekend!!!

Leah Robinson said...

Let He who is without sin cast the first stone!!!

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged." -Matt. 7:1

Just a little refresher for those who know what God hates :)


You are not crazy! I believe that is the voice of God. He speaks to us often, but sometimes it's hard to know it's Him talking.

Just wanted to tell you, you are doing a great job raising Max! You are a wonderful mother!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Too many of us rush through our days without taking time to to hear what God is telling us. We make decisions without talking to Him. You are listening for God, so He is going to speak to you. You seem to have such a sweet, gentle spirit. Family is very important to you and you want what's best for your little guy. God wants YOU to be joyful too. He wouldn't want you to stay in an unhealthy relationship. You have to take care of yourself too. You can trust again. I enjoy reading your blog and it helps me feel peaceful.