Monday, March 30, 2009


Our first day of Spring Break was very productive:) While I was upstairs cleaning out some totes, Max decided to go downstiars and watch cartoons...after a few minutes he came upstairs with his face covered in chocolate and his shirt smeared with the evidence. Here is our conversation:

Mommy: "Max, what in the world are you doing?"

Max: " Well, first I ate a cakester, then I ate a Hershey's bar, and then I ate a Resse's cup candy bar. "
Then he puts his hand on his belly and says "Now I am REALLY full." This is mintues before lunchtime.
Well - there is only one thing to say...He is definantly his mother's son:)


sarah said...

To cute! He sounds like Hailee, she loves Chocolate!! Hope you enjoy your Spring Break with your little man!! Miss ya

Chelsa said...

you and max sound just like me and B :) .... now i'm hungry for some chocolate !

Brittany said...

Cute story!

Mandi Knepp said...

Oh what a cute story! I for see days like these with gabe and I... I can't wait! I love it when their personalities come forth!

Ashley said...

I bet he was FULL!! Chocolate is sooo good....he couldn't resist. haha.

Tera said...

He is my kind-of boy! ;)