Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is one of the more apparant times to me that time flies...when another birthday rolls around for me. Today I am 28 years old (gasp!!) which sounds terribly close to 30 - I'm keeping a low profile all day and staying in my classroom...but there is one thing that I keep thinking about on this day and it still surprises me: I am so undeniably happy!! This may sounds crazy to most of you (because of what my life has consisted of for the past year or so) - but for those of you who know me well and know what I've been thru, you know it is absolutely the truth:)

I mean, really - I am just happy and content. I couldn't always say that (and my last post didn't express that either:)!! Not that I've had a "rough" life, but I've struggled with some issues just like everyone else. I have not always felt so deep-rooted in my faith, I have fought health issues (involving my stomach), I have been in a marriage dominated by lies, deceptions, and addictions. I have felt lonely, felt restless, felt unsettled.
But as this day rolls around, all that prevails in me is peace. I am surrounded by the truth that God is in control - and I've decided to willingly let go and let HIM take over. I have a family who lifts me up and feeds my soul with love. I have this little boy who I can't wait to wake up beside every single day - he is my reason for everything... I have friends who love me, a great job that allows me enough money to support my son and a good, long summer break, I have a warm bed and fulfillment in my heart. I feel so blessed on this day, my 28th birthday!

This weekend was soooo great...I took Max to the Playhouse Disney show in Evansville on Sat. and he absolutely loved it!! We saw Handy Manny and his tools, Tiger & Pooh, Little Einsteins, and all the gang from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:) Here is my little man at the show - showing off the toy I splurged for (can you believe they charge $18 for this thing!!) and then I TRIED to get a picture of us together, but you know how that goes!!

Then on Sunday we went to church, got in an awesome nap in the afternoon, and headed to a little birthday party with friends:) Here is a picture of all of us celebrating Gabe's birthday at El Ranchito in Bloomfield - a couple people snuck out before the photo, but this is most of us!What an amazing way to top off a great weekend - surrounded by great friends and good Mexican food:) The great friends part was the best, though:)! ha ha!! Love you all and hope you have a GREAT week!! It's sectional time - so see you at the games!!


Alyssa said...

I had so much fun yesterday! haha.. & you totally caught me in that one picture! I swear if Derrick plays that eric church song one more time, he's going to get it. Those boys won't quit rubbing it in my face that i'm just a baby & can't go see him at the bars.. BRATS! ugh. anyways. I have to work tomorrow, but i'll be seeing you friday when BR plays ND hopefully!!! =] & Happy Birthday again my dear!

Jenelle said...

I'm glad to hear your heart is content and full of the Lord. Happy Birthday!

sarah said...

Abbie~ This post brings a smile to my face because it is so good to hear that you are happy!! I know that times have been tough, but with the Lords help look at all that you have accomplished. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday today. Miss ya bunches.

Tera said...

Hey sweetie! Hope you got my voicemail yesterday! Thanks for sending all of the pictures! Happy Birthday, again!