Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break '09

You're probably thinking that since I haven't posted (except for my tiny post on "chocolate") during my Spring Break, it's because we've been so busy with fun-filled days of excitment.


Just like Christmas break when we were hit by the stomach-flu bug, this break has been marred by this cold/cough/chills/fever thingy going around:(! My mom and dad started out the week with it, Wed. me and Max got it, then Thurs. my brother got hit by it. None of us can get over it either...this lingering cough is extremely annoying!! We are going stir crazy around here...I'm talking knock-down, drag-out fights for the couch around here, guys...and the couch isn't even comfortable!

Max and I have spent alot of time on our oversized chair, wrapped up tightly in blankets to ward off the chills...we only ventured as far as the kitchen once a day in search of our cakesters.

My camera has stayed securely in its case, so no pictures to share. No one wants to see pictures of us with red noses and watery eyes...

I'm working on a post about how life isn't always full of fairytale endings...promise it will come soon (hopefully with updated pictures). Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine today - love you all!!

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Cami Jeffers said...

Good Luck getting rid of it! It took me 6 weeks a steroid shot and a trip to cancun to shake mine