Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sizzling Summer...

Since I updated last time, we have been doing alot of hanging out around our pond, cooking over a fire, staying up late, sleeping in, inviting friends over to play, and staying in our PJ's all day long:) 

Max is really loving going swimming in our pond almost everyday with either Papa Delbert, Gabe, or Uncle Clay. My whole family (and some friends, too) have been meeting down there at the end of each day and just relaxing...talking and enjoying the sunshine. Max wears his life jacket and gets right in...and spends a couple hours swimming! The silly guy usually doesn't want to get out and head home at the end of the evening. I feel like we are squeezing each and every minute out of this summer and loving it:) Max has also had several days where he has invited friends over and just played ALL day long! It's funny, because with boys, they will just run around outside and find things to do all day - they don't even want mom around at all! With Callie it will probably be very different, and I will be painting nails or doing some kind of craft with her and her friends. I guess we will wait and see!

Callie is getting her two front teeth on top - they are just breaking through her gums! She still only has the 2 bottom teeth that she has had for this is exciting:) She will be 11 months old in a couple of weeks and is standing on her own and cruising around everywhere holding on to furniture - but no walking on her own yet. I think it will be VERY soon! I am beginning to make plans for Callie's 1st birthday - lots of little details that I'm excited about!!

Last night we went to the local county fair and had a really great time - Max rode on lots of rides, played games with Gabe and Papa (and won several stuffed animals)...of course everyone sampled yummy fair food (except me :( crazy stomach!) We ended up seeing lots of friends and the weather was perfect - not too hot! 

 Last week I had my doctor's appointment in Indy - where they just did an overall exam and didn't tell me anything new - and they can't get me in for tests until the end of August. Those tests will determine whether or not I have to have surgery...Right now I'm just trying to hang in there and get thru day to day. It's great right now because it's summertime and I have no real commitments or obligations except to take care of my kiddos...but when school starts in August I will probably have a really rough time - so I could use everyone's prayers! I'm trying not to think about it now, and just enjoy these moments with my family. 

We have had some sad news around here...our cat Zoomie passed away:( One day we noticed he was not walking right, just laying and moaning, then starting not eating or drinking. Gabe's mom took him into the vet clinic that she works for and they took care of him for a week or so, but he wasn't going to get better. They think he had a type of feline leukemia. We are so, so sad...we have had Zoomie since finding him at our wedding reception (almost 2 years). He was a really good cat - we will miss him!

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Tera said...

Love all of the pics, especially the ones of Callie in that perfect red bikini!! Miss you girl!