Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday night...

I'm home by myself tonight...Max is at his dad's and Gabe & Callie went to Boggs where Gabe's family is camping to just relax with them. I've been sick since lunch (my normal stomach problems), so I had to stay home. Here is one of those examples where my stomach is holding me back...I hate not being able to be with my family on nights like these. It's gorgeous outside and Saturday night, but here I am. 

We did have such a fun day yesterday, though:) Gabe got off early and we headed to Bloomington - Max was determined that we needed to get Build-a-Bears for him and Callie (her first one:)!! We had a beautiful, snacking on Auntie Ann pretzels, exploring, and getting some Father's Day gifts. 
Callie loves her new bear - when I sit it down beside her, she says "HI!!!!" in the sweetest little voice! She also gives it kisses - this girl is so sweet and has so much spunk!!

I guess I just need to enjoy these moments of peace and quiet and wait for my sweet family to return. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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Ashley said...

I just wanna find a magic pill for ya! Whenever I miss things I always get a little down...I just like being around everyone and all the fun! So I know how you feel!