Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another Monday...

Hi everyone:)!! Let me tell you about my weekend - it was a busy one!

On Friday evening Max and I went with Gil to Harvest Church, where we experienced an incredible night filled with AMAZING music and an incredible sermon (Pete Aldrich is the bomb...ok, does anyone say "the bomb" anymore??) This guy named Clay Harting sang and played the guitar before Pete spoke - and I was crying in the middle of his first song - beautiful songs that he writes!! Anyway, I just stood there with my eyes closed, tears running down my face and singing all the words (his songs pull you in and before you realize it, you know all the words!!) Then Pete talked about facing the "giants" in our lives - those things that control us. If you haven't heard Pete speak, I would recommend it to anyone! He is captivating - and he knows what he is talking about, because he has experienced the pain of addiction and how it tears people apart. He brought me, Gil, and Max up in front of the whole congregation as an example of giants (Gil's drug addiction) try to tear families apart. He pleaded with the congregation to destroy the giants in their lives (like David destroyed Goliath), before the giants destroy you! Gil even went up to the altar to pray (let me just tell you, he would have NEVER done that before he went to the Lighthouse)! All in all...I learned so much and it turned out to be a really cool night! Powerful, powerful message that I'm STILL processing:)

On Saturday I took pictures at a wedding all day - here is the cute couple (Regina and Jeremy Graber):
The wedding was beautiful, I got lots of great pictures, and everyone had a really great time! Max threw a fit when it was time to leave, because he had all kinds of little friends to play with at the he is with two of his friends - they were watching a DVD in the hallway to the reception!
Then on Sunday we went to Harvest with Gil again in the morning, then back to my mom and dad's for a Beasley (my mom's maiden name) family party! We always have a great time when we get together - and the weather was perfect! Max and Nick made sure to play rough and get extremely dirty...but that is what boys are good for, right? Here are a couple pictures from that party:
This is my cousin Lauren and my Grandpa Beasley:)!! After that party, we headed over to my Great Aunt Jeanie's for a Raber family party! The food was soooooooooooo good - and of course the boys spent the whole time watching the Colt's game! Here are some pictures from Aunt Jeanie's:

Clay, Cody, and Logan relaxing during the Colt's game!! Aunt Bea, my mom, Grandma Raber, and Aunt Gina getting ready for dessert!

Well, there is my weekend in a nutshell - now it's Monday (AGAIN) and I'm struggling thru:)! I have a busy week ahead with meetings, a CPR class, getting ready for my yard sale (I will post about that later in the week), and just keeping up with my little munchkin!! It should be to ya later!


sarah said...

Hey Abbie! Glad to hear that you had a good weekend. Love all your pics. Hang in there, luv ya.

Jamie said...

Abbie - Glad to hear you had a wonderful yet busy weekend. My in-laws have talked about how great of a speaker Pete is. I pray that Gil allows God to work in his heart. Have a great week chick!

Tera said...

So glad you had a good weekend...and I'm even happier we got to talk yesterday. I love you, Abbie, and you know I'm always praying for you. ((Big Hugs)) BTW, I'd love to join you sometime to hear Pete.

Jamie said...

Abbie...I think I've heard Pete somewhere sometime...I remember him being as powerful as you said...I'd love to hear him again...The lighthouse is a wonderful place...they have helped sooo many people...and made them better believers...hang in there!