Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just had to share a couple things that Max has said recently that cracked me up:

Last night when Max got out of the bathtub he ran over to the scales and said "Mom, I want to weigh myself!" I told him that was fine and went on doing whatever I was busy with...pretty soon he yelled "Mom - I weigh 30 dollars!!" He was so serious about it, too! What a cutie!

Then this morning as I was taking him to Mamaw Gina's he was looking out the window and said "Mom - that silly moon is following us again." He always thinks the moon is "following" him...then he thought a moment and said "That moon said he wants to ride in our car, Mom!" I just laughed and laughed - I can't believe the stuff he comes up with:)


sarah said...

Little ones come up with all sorts of things. I am often asking myself where did my kids hear that from... LOL. Makes you wonder what they tell people when your not around.
Sounds like Max has a curious thinking mind. He is a handsome guy. Love you both lots. Miss ya tons!

Chelsa said...

it cracks me up what brycen says sometimes! i wonder how in the world he comes up w/ the things he does! brycen has a thing w/ the moon following us too :)

Shannon said...

Hi Abbie!
Like your new pic!