Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just have to share what Max's babysitter told me when I picked him up yesterday - even though he will be sooooo embarrassed of this story when he gets a little older:) Hey - moms are supposed to tell those kind of stories - right??

Yesterday when the kids sat down to have their "afternoon snack" Trinia (the babysitter) was telling Emma (Max's little girlfriend) that her dress was awfully pretty. She also told Emma that she was impressed about how her panties matched her dress perfectly. Max then looks at Emma and says "Can I see your panties?" Emma answers back quickly, "Sure!" and lifts up her dress. Everyone started laughing...but Max and Emma didn't seem to know what was so funny! I thought that was super cute! Speaking of is an older photo of Max in his "undies!" I couldn't resist!!

I also wanted to share a quote that has been on my mind lately...I actually gave my brother this quote a few months ago when he was going thru a difficult time. It is so simple...but so true:

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

Always before this whole mess happened I was so focused on my life and family being perfect. I wanted everyone to see that my days were filled with sunshine and laughter. But now I realize that isn't even how God intends our life to be...He never promised only happiness and perfection. But He promises to pick us up after we get knocked down...and to comfort us in our sorrows! Thank goodness I'm not preoccupied with everyone thinking I'm perfect anymore...that was getting in the way of my relationship with my Savior!! And I don't want anything getting in the way of that!

One more thing before I go - I wanted everyone to know that I'm having a HUGE yard sale this Saturday (8 a.m. - ?) at my house in Washington. Me and my cousin Chas are selling LOTS of stuff: we have lots Halloween costumes (boys, girls, and adults), little boys clothes, women's clothing, home decor, and probably just about anything you can imagine!! Take the bypass in Washington and turn left onto Troy Road, then 4 miles untill you come to 400S (gravel road) which you can only turn left on. My house is the third on the right...we will have signs up everywhere:)!! Hope to see some of you there!!


Jamie said...

I asked Emma about showing Max her panties and she just looked at me like I was silly for asking. Of course she doesn't see a problem with it! :)

Lacy said...

HAHA That doesn't suprise me at all with Emma!! She always talks about Max,in fact the other morning she wanted to know what he was wearing to the babysitters so she could match him!! What a perfect match :)

Chelsa said...

hey! thanks :) i know, brycen will be 4 in december and i can't believe how quickly i forgot all the stuff we needed w/ him! of course some stuff i say "need" and ryan says we don't "need" lol... i do need a bathtub though, might just have to come by your yardsale!! i love yardsales! i still have brycen's bouncer, but i need to get a swing, and another carseat, we have one, but like one for each of our vehicles, we had given one away! oh dear! lol.

your max is a doll :)

Chelsa said...

Hey Abbie! You are too sweet :) Good to see you at your yard sale, hope it went well!

Brandi said...

abby, a friend of mine and tera's didn't make it to your yard sale, she has 3 boys, do you have much of anything left from your yard sale???