Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The month of April

April is speeding past me and I haven't gotten the chance to post some of the cute pictures I took this month!! So much has happened this month - I just have to document it (in super-speed:)!!

Here is Max checking out his Easter baskets from Mommy and Papa/Nana. He's acting like he's taking a bite out of his Resses Pieces "carrot!" The next picture is at Grandma GG's for Easter - Max hanging out with his cousin Janae!

Speaking of Janae - I CAN NOT believe how much she has grown up!! Her Jr. High Dance was in April, so I went to take a few pictures - she looked absolutely gorgeous...and much older than she actually is!!!!! Stop growing, you little stinker!

April was also filled with birthday fun for some of my cousins little girls - Chas's girls Katie, Hannah, and Emily. We celebrated at the YMCA with them by going swimming, eating yummy cupcakes, and watching them open gifts! After we had gotten out of the pool - Max took a big bite of his cupcake, looked around the room and said to no one in particular: "Oh BABY, this is the best day EVER!!" Everyone just started cracking up laughing at him!!
Max and Nick were the only two little boys at the party...with about 30 little girls!! It was so funny!!

We swam, swam, and swam some more...Max was disappointed when it was time to get out. Here we are enjoying the water. The picture of the girls holding hands is so


sarah said...

Love the pics! They are all so good:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ashley said...

Oh Baby! He always has little sayings that crack me up.