Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break

I'm not sure why God has chosen to bless me in so many different ways...not sure at all why he chose me (little ole' me) to raise this sweet little boy he created!! Last night I was exhausted because we had parent/teacher conferences - ended up getting home about 9 p.m. - so Max and I were ready to climb into bed when we got home. Once we settled in, he squeezed me around the neck and said "Mom, I love you really, really bad." I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time...thinking what did I do to deserve this?...why does this little man love me so unconditionally! And as I thought about it, I decided I didn't do anything to deserve it - God just loves me so much as His child and wanted me to experience that type of love with my own child. One small phrase from Max, but it made such a huge impact on my heart!

So parent/teacher conferences are over, today we get out of school at 11 a.m., and tomorrow I have a whole day to just do whatever I want (and whatever Max wants:)!! Tonight I want to take Max to the Pumpkin Festival in Odon...all the kids wear costumes and there are all kinds of games, contests, and great foods! They also do a free 8 X 10 photo of your child in his halloween costume:) The only problem is...Max is terrified of his costume!! It is a hand-me-down from his cousin Nick - a green dinosaur, but Max he very scared of it and says he is not putting it on! What a silly boy! I guess we will just go and enjoy ourselves anyway:)!! Here is a picture of Max in his costume last Halloween - a little doctor!!

Max and his cousin Hannah Beasley- Halloween 07

I hope everyone has a great weekend - don't forget the movie "Fireproof" is playing at Washington and Vincennes this weekend and it is supposed to be a GREAT movie!!

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Chelsa said...

not one year has brycen liked his halloween costume! this year he picked out a fire fighter costume and i can't get it off of him :) lol. boys will be boys! :)

glad you are having a good week! and thanks for the congratulations! i'm pumped to be having two sweet little boys! :)

let me know if you have any of that yard sale stuff left over of little boy clothes. i have already gotten rid of pretty much everything of B's.... sooo now I'm kind of freakin out! lol