Monday, October 13, 2008

So I was just hoping that Monday would not come...but as the alarm screamed in my ear this morning I thought "Shoot! I have to get out of bed!" I know after every weekend I blog about how amazing my weekend has been - but it's the truth!! Why can't every day be a "weekend day?" Max and I had alot of mother/son bonding time this weekend - which is probably why he cried when I left him at the babysitter's this morning! It broke my heart...but I know he was probably fine 5 min. after I walked out the door! So here is what our weekend consisted of:

Friday night me and Max had a "date" night. I let him pick anything he wanted for supper - which of course he chose McDonalds (what kids wouldn't??) and then we took our food to the park where we ate, played, and feed the ducks. Then we headed to the movies to watch "Beverly Hills Chiauahua (spelling?) We had such a great time...chowing down on popcorn, pop, and a huge bag of reeses pieces - we both had stomach aches that night:) ha ha!! I just love spending time with my little man!!

Then on Sat. we met Gil in Loogootee and headed to the Lark Ranch - what a great little place to take kids - and Gil and I enjoyed it just as much:)!! We went last year too, but this year Max really got into it and loved petting the animals, picking out a pumpkin, and playing in the "cornbox" (their play on a sandbox:)!! We left there and headed to Maury's (our preacher at Harvest) for a big party with cotton candy and inflatables. Then me and Max headed home to take a quick nap before the next party - some old classmates of mine invited lots of our classmates over and we had such a great time!! I got to see some people I hadn't seen in awhile - and Max enjoyed playing with the other kids:)!! Here are some pictures from that BIG day:

I had to take this picture of Max on Sat. morning, because I thought he looked so grown up!! Me and Max taking a self portrait:)!! Max and his Daddy giving the "thumbs up" at Lark Ranch! Me and Max at Lark Ranch! Petting a pony at Lark Ranch....
Playing in the corn at Lark Ranch... Finally found the perfect are the boys showing off their big find:)!! Time for cotton candy at Maury's house...Max was in heaven!You can almost see the little wheels turning in that am I gonna get mom to agree to more cotton candy??My best friend from high school, Jen Petit (Straus) that I hadn' t seen in almost a year!! I just love her!

One of my best friends, Sarah Wise (Swartzentruber) and her too:)!! Max and his buddy Allison at Denise and Paul's party:)!

Then yesterday Max had his cousin Nick over to play all I went horse back riding with one of my friends and then ended the night with ice cream from Scoops...I doesn't get much better than that:)! This week is crazy busy with a conference I'm attending on Tuesday, Parent/Teacher conferences on Wed., and Fall Break:)! Hope everyone is having a good Monday - talk to ya next time!!


Armes Family said...

Hey Abby!!!!! OK...where is this Lark Ranch at??? I've looked at 2 blogs today and they both talk about it and I would love to take Landon but I've never heard of please tell!!!!! BTW...Max is so adorable!!! I took Landon to meet Trina on Saturday and she had nothing but good things to say about you guys!!!!

sarah said...

Abbie Lynn! I just love you:) It was so wonderful seeing you and Max on Saturday. He is so cute and rotten. You can tell he loves his momma with his whole heart. Your doing a fabulous job. Take care and hope to see you again real soon. Miss ya bunches. Oh and I love hearing about your great weekends!

Alyssa said...

i miss you! p.s. max looks so stinkin cute in that STL hat. =] good choice!