Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture crazy!!

What an amazing weekend!!!!! The weather was gorgeous and we spent alot of time outside...just doing silly stuff that made my little Maxwell happy:) We started out the weekend with some farming - Uncle Cole took Max out to watch Papa Delbert combine...and of course minutes later Max was climbing up for a ride:)!! He told his Papa that when he gets bigger, he wants to be a farmer! He said he will drive the big combine, and dad can drive Jeff's (a guy that works for my dad) little tractor with the wagon on the back! They are so sweet together - my dad thinks the world revolves around Max!!

Then on Friday evening we just played outside - enjoyed the weather, listened to music, played basketball with Clay and Gabe, and rode bikes. Those are my favorite kind of evenings...nothing planned and just hanging out at my mom and dads! Here are a few pictures from that night:)!
Hanging out in Uncle Clay's ride...jamming to a new CD! Me and my brother, Clayton Lee!Clay and Max playing basketball! Me and Max hanging out:)!! Gabe taking a spin on Max's bike:)!!

Then on Saturday Max spent the day with his Dad (who had his first 8 hour pass from the Lighthouse). They went to Jace and Sebastian's soccer game, played outside, and just had a good time in general! I spent that time having my second yard sale and then trying to get the rest of my stuff packed at the house. Then Mamaw Gina (Gil's mom) kept Max all night (since they don't get to see him often enough) - so I had a night out at Regina and Stoogie's reception/party:) We had a REALLY great time - it was like a little family reunion for me (since most of my family was there!!) Here are some photos from that night - Me and Alyssa - we were probably getting into some type of trouble:)! Jessica, Clay and Audrey at Kirkland farm!! We decided we "owned" this place:) Look at Stoogie in the background! My dad with my Uncle Darrell and Uncle Roger - singing their hearts out to a bluegrass song!! Stoogie and Gabriel being all buddy-buddy:)!!

Then yesterday me and Max went to church with Gil at harvest (there was an awesome guest speaker and we sang my favorite song...You are worthy!) Then we got hair cuts at Fiesta and ate Arbys:) After that we went home to watch the Colts game - what a good game!! Then me, Max, and Clay spent the rest of the night cleaning out me, Clay, and Gabe's vehicles:) They look brand new now:)!! Ok - so I have a couple more pictures and then I'm done. I must have been picture crazy this weekend!! But it was such a great weekend that I wanted to catch every minute on camera!! Max was sitting so perfectly still for his haircut! Time for the clippers - he always says this tickles! What a cutiepie - that's my boy!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend - talk to ya soon:)!!


Chelsa said...

glad you had a good weekend!! i love the relaxing ones! max is a doll baby! don't you think haircuts make them look about 5 years older in a matter of minutes?! brycen's haircuts always do that!!

Alyssa said...

This weekend was amazing. I had so much fun Saturday night just hanging out in the country with my favorite people! Me & Derrick need to come hang out with you guys sometime soon at the house. =]

Leah Robinson said...

Sounds like you had a blast this weekend :) Max is just a doll!!

Jamie said...

The picture of Max getting his haircut...I think the 2nd one...with the dimples...I could just kiss him all over...he is so cute...there is definately something about baby boys and their mamas...Glad you had a great deserve it!